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It is relatively straight forward to insulate or upgrade modern properties to improve their energy ratings. However, older traditional or system built properties tend to suffer the most from heat loss.The Government has now identified this as a major obstacle to meeting CO2 reduction targets referring to them as ‘Hard to Heat and Hard to Treat’ buildings.

The use of an open cell injectable foam with its low pressure expansion rate has enabled eco Insulate to treat this type of property whilst minimising the risk of damage to internal finishes. This type of work can be carried out to buildings comprising:

Work is carried out from inside which whilst involving making good and some decoration means that the heat loss into the fabric of the main structure is limited. It also avoids the need for external drilling of stone built properties or the need to alter the structure around doors and windows when overcladding.

A series of holes is drilled through the internal wall finish and the foam is injected into the void providing both insulation and an air barrier, making its performance far greater especially where narrow cavities only permit a small amount of material to be installed.

A complete and full fill is achieved by carefully monitoring the curing of the water blown foam through the holes, with excess material being scraped off where necessary. The foam cures within 4-6 minutes with any odour given off during the installation dispersing within 24 hours or so. There will be no subsequent fumes or gases emitted making the product completely safe.

eco Insulate Ltd is an approved contractor and the spray or injection treatment is carried out on site with materials being processed on the spraying rig and transferred to the building surfaces by hose to the very point of application. Our spray teams meet stringent application criteria and have completed an intensive training programme which includes product and equipment knowledge, installation and building science.

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