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Warehouse and Distribution Depot: Dumfries

ecoadmin, June 22, 2016
Wall and roof spray foam treatment. Closed cell foam

Wall and roof spray foam treatment. Closed cell foam

Spray application to the roof.

Spray application to the roof.








Client: Henry Schein Animal Health.

Location: Dumfries and Galloway.

Construction: Single skin profiled metal sheet cladding on steel framed warehouse structure.

Date of Project: End October-Early December 2013


The Client had been successfully working out of these and similar premises for a number of years. Following their decision to gain third party accreditation of their facilities it was necessary to ensure that controlled temperatures within the warehouse which stocked animal foodstuffs could be maintained throughout the year. The project included a HVAC package which identified the need for drastically improved insulation. All work including the foam application had to be carried out whilst the warehouse remained in 24hr operation and for security reasons during the daytime shift patterns.

  1. Treatment:

Close liaison was required to ensure H and S requirements were met by both the warehouse and contractors personnel as well as ensuring that warehouse and insulation operations would be maintained.

The treatment involved spraying BASF Elastospray 1629/1 closed cell foam to the walls and roof sheeting to an approx depth of 30mm.

Protective sheeting was laid over staging and stock to prevent marking of packaging. Similarly protective coverings were laid over the floors. The overall size of the building required access from two points to ensure the supply hoses could reach all areas including the ridge.

  1. Conclusion:

The project was successfully completed within budget over a 6 week period which included safety inductions, enabling works and final inspections etc. Unofficial feedback confirms that since treatment, temperatures within the building remain stable. Official client feedback stated ’Eco Insulate did a first class job and acted in a very professional manner, the spraying team were flexible to our needs, worked safely and overall did an amazing job. I would recommend the company to other customers and certainly use them again’.


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