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Hebridean Housing Partnership: Spray foam insulation programme 2013

ecoadmin, July 10, 2015
Injecting open cell foam into Dormer window cheeks.

Injecting open cell foam into Dormer window cheeks.

Client: Hebridean Housing Partnership  Location: Throughout the Outer Hebrides

Construction: Masonry walls, lath and plaster, Coombed ceilings and Dormer window cheeks.

Date of Project: Injected Open cell spray foam insulation works: February –June 2013


Hebridean Housing Partnership Ltd (HHP) came into operation in September 2006 and from an initial stock transfer of 1800 units currently delivers a range of landlord services to 2200 units across all islands making up the Outer Hebrides. They embarked on a dedicated programme to inject open cell spray foam insulation where previous conventional insulation methods had been unsuitable. The aim of the Investment programme was to meet the Scottish Housing Quality Standards and was developed following a pilot scheme completed by eco Insulate Ltd. This involved treating a number of properties which were subsequently monitored independently to assess the overall performance. The programme comprised two different foam treatments depending on what was required i.e. spraying to open areas (lofts etc) and injection to closed areas (dormer cheeks etc).


All property types were surveyed by eco Insulate Ltd and a detailed Method Statement prepared for each. To minimise travelling and transport costs work was completed in two phases of 5 and 8 weeks respectively. Treatment was carried out Monday to Saturday with no work permitted on Sundays to respect local beliefs. A total of 120 properties were treated without the need to decant tenants and with minimal internal making good required. Tenant feedback forms showed high levels of satisfaction with both our spraying teams performance and quality of work.


As part of their consultancy work with Greenspace, HHP  had previously produced a report which confirmed that the treatment within the coombs ‘had significantly increased the air tightness of the property and taken the house from a FAIL in SHQS terms to a PASS whilst improving the heat retention of the home…..’

Additional work is now being considered following the success of this original project and a longer term appraisal of its  effectiveness for both the housing stock and tenants over the last two years or so.

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