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Warehouse and distribution Depot

Case Studies

Warehouse and Distribution Depot: Dumfries

Wall and roof spray foam treatment. Closed cell foam

Wall and roof spray foam treatment. Closed cell foam

Spray application to the roof.

Spray application to the roof.








Client: Henry Schein Animal Health.

Location: Dumfries and Galloway.

Construction: Single skin profiled metal sheet cladding on steel framed warehouse structure.

Date of Project: End October-Early December 2013


The Client had been successfully working out of these and similar premises for a number of years. Following their decision to gain third party accreditation of their facilities it was necessary to ensure that controlled temperatures within the warehouse which stocked animal foodstuffs could be maintained throughout the year. The project included a HVAC package which identified the need for drastically improved insulation. All work including the foam application had to be carried out whilst the warehouse remained in 24hr operation and for security reasons during the daytime shift patterns.

  1. Treatment:

Close liaison was required to ensure H and S requirements were met by both the warehouse and contractors personnel as well as ensuring that warehouse and insulation operations would be maintained.

The treatment involved spraying BASF Elastospray 1629/1 closed cell foam to the walls and roof sheeting to an approx depth of 30mm.

Protective sheeting was laid over staging and stock to prevent marking of packaging. Similarly protective coverings were laid over the floors. The overall size of the building required access from two points to ensure the supply hoses could reach all areas including the ridge.

  1. Conclusion:

The project was successfully completed within budget over a 6 week period which included safety inductions, enabling works and final inspections etc. Unofficial feedback confirms that since treatment, temperatures within the building remain stable. Official client feedback stated ’Eco Insulate did a first class job and acted in a very professional manner, the spraying team were flexible to our needs, worked safely and overall did an amazing job. I would recommend the company to other customers and certainly use them again’.


Swedish Timber Framed House Type

Swedish Timber framed house type

Swedish HT IR_0453

Injection of Swedish Timber framed house

Injection of Swedish Timber framed house

Client: City of Edinburgh Council,

Location: Central Belt

Construction: Vertical timber cladding on timber framing with intermediate layer of plasterboard and plasterboard finish internally.

Date of Project: July 2013.


The Client instigated work to eradicate cavity wind noise and improve the thermal efficiency of the property following the tenant’s comments regarding draughts through the structure.

With the Client’s previous knowledge of our services we discussed various options which followed a full survey involving exposing a small area of the cladding to determine the full extent of the timber framed construction. This enabled the most suitable method of installation to be determined which would minimise disruption and avoid internal decoration. It was subsequently decided to inject open cell foam through the external cladding and between the studs, filling the cavity and preventing any loose material from vibrating, at the same time improving the thermal efficiency of the property.

The Client proposed to monitor the overall difference in the performance of the building by installing data monitors to record energy usage and heat loss.

  1. Treatment:

The treatment carried out was specific to this type of property to overcome the particular problems being experienced by the tenant but involved the following work:

Protective sheeting was laid over windows and pathways and services penetrating the framing were masked off prior to treatment. A series of 12mm dia holes were drilled at 600mm centre at the vertical joint of the cladding and open cell breathable foam injected into the void formed by the timber frame. PVC colour matched caps were then inserted into the holes as a temporary measure until the property was externally decorated under part of the Client’s maintenance programme

The tenant remained in occupation during the duration of work which took approximately two days.

  1. Conclusion:

Following assessment of the data monitors it appeared that the Thermal efficiency of the property had improved although the full benefits could not be determined because of the very low heating levels applied. However no further adverse comments were received from the tenant and subsequent independent Thermal imaging proved the extent to which the foam had successfully filled the void and reduced heat loss when compared with an untreated property.

Hebridean Housing Partnership: Spray foam insulation programme 2013

Injecting open cell foam into Dormer window cheeks.

Injecting open cell foam into Dormer window cheeks.

Client: Hebridean Housing Partnership  Location: Throughout the Outer Hebrides

Construction: Masonry walls, lath and plaster, Coombed ceilings and Dormer window cheeks.

Date of Project: Injected Open cell spray foam insulation works: February –June 2013


Hebridean Housing Partnership Ltd (HHP) came into operation in September 2006 and from an initial stock transfer of 1800 units currently delivers a range of landlord services to 2200 units across all islands making up the Outer Hebrides. They embarked on a dedicated programme to inject open cell spray foam insulation where previous conventional insulation methods had been unsuitable. The aim of the Investment programme was to meet the Scottish Housing Quality Standards and was developed following a pilot scheme completed by eco Insulate Ltd. This involved treating a number of properties which were subsequently monitored independently to assess the overall performance. The programme comprised two different foam treatments depending on what was required i.e. spraying to open areas (lofts etc) and injection to closed areas (dormer cheeks etc).


All property types were surveyed by eco Insulate Ltd and a detailed Method Statement prepared for each. To minimise travelling and transport costs work was completed in two phases of 5 and 8 weeks respectively. Treatment was carried out Monday to Saturday with no work permitted on Sundays to respect local beliefs. A total of 120 properties were treated without the need to decant tenants and with minimal internal making good required. Tenant feedback forms showed high levels of satisfaction with both our spraying teams performance and quality of work.


As part of their consultancy work with Greenspace, HHP  had previously produced a report which confirmed that the treatment within the coombs ‘had significantly increased the air tightness of the property and taken the house from a FAIL in SHQS terms to a PASS whilst improving the heat retention of the home…..’

Additional work is now being considered following the success of this original project and a longer term appraisal of its  effectiveness for both the housing stock and tenants over the last two years or so.

Engineering Workshop


This engineering workshop in Lanarkshire was affected by condensation dripping from the profiled metal roof. The workshop had many large fixed items of equipment and storage racks which had to be carefully protected while the work proceeded. Water blown open cell foam was sprayed directly to the underside of the sheeting to a minimum depth of 100mm with access from a telehoist and work completed within 2-3 days. The Client was pleased with the outcome and said ‘I would certainly recommend your company to other bodies. Many thanks.’

Underfloor Insulation – Two Schools

Orkney Islands Council

Orkney Isles Council contracted eco Insulate Ltd to treat floor void areas under two schools with the work being completed over a 2-3 day period during school holidays. On completion of the work, the Project Manager commented that the staff were ‘very helpful’ and the quality of the installation was ‘excellent.’

Insulation of Steelwork

Seamill Hydro Hotel Leisure Club

The Hotel Leisure Club was undergoing a complete refurbishment for the coming season, however rust stains on the walls caused by condensation on exposed steelwork were unsightly. Eco Insulate Ltd were contracted to spray the steel work with open cell foam which formed an air seal around the steel preventing warm moist air from reaching the cold steel where it would lead to condensation. The work was programmed to fit in with other trades and completed over a two day period.

Traditional House, Musselburgh

Private client

This property in Musselburgh had originally been refurbished following a major fire but at the time little or no thought had been given to making the building more energy efficient. Eco Insulate Ltd completed treatment to the whole building within 4 days by using breathable open cell foam injected into the void between the plasterboard and external masonry walls. The Client was completely satisfied with the work carried out and said ‘The workers were very polite and asked for our opinion on several occasions which was appreciated. Very professional and courteous. We would recommend the company again.’

Traditional House, Laurencekirk

Private Client

This stone built property near Laurencekirk, Aberdeenshire is in an exposed position and the owner was suffering from very high fuel bills. Treatment was carried out by drilling and injecting the lath and plaster walls with breathable open cell foam over a 5 day period and the Client has already reported a dramatic improvement in comfort levels. He will be monitoring his fuel costs over the coming year and reporting back to us on the improvement following application. The Client’s comments following our visit included ‘Delighted with the work, our house is much warmer and we have turned down the heating.’

A subsequent e-mail received from the Client stated that he was expecting the part of the building treated by eco Insulate Ltd  to provide savings of around 30% but in fact he has used 50% less fuel than in the past.

Albyn Housing Society Retrofit

No-fines construction, Nairn

This No-fines built property belonging to Albyn Housing Association was treated with breathable open cell injectable foam. This method of system building , popular in the 1960’s has since proved very difficult to make more energy efficient without the need for expensive overcladding. eco Insulate Ltd were able to provide a cost effective solution which could be accommodated within this Association’s void property programme, avoiding the need for longer term capital projects.

Although the narrow cavity behind the plasterboard which is typical in this type of construction didn’t provide the opportunity to drastically increase the ‘U’ value of the walls, the combination of the foam’s flowing and penetrating capabilities, insulating and air tightness performance led to a vast overall reduction in energy loss through the structure.

Lochalsh and Skye Housing Association

Retrofit internal cavity fill, Kyle of Lochalsh

A project involving the injection of  breathable open cell foam to provide additional insulation to older housing stock of Lochalsh and Skye Housing Association. A series of holes were drilled at 600mm centres and the material injected to fill the void behind the strapped and lined walls. Generally the work was completed within one day avoiding additional costs associated with the need to decant tenants.
The success of this contract led to further work, one of which was a major project comprising the treatment of 70 of their properties in Skye.

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