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eco Insulate Ltd has evolved over 44 years from its origins in the timber frame industry in 1972. The original company reacted to the changing building industry and moved into manufacturing eventually establishing itself as a leading and well respected supplier and contractor to both the public and private sectors.

As the demand for more energy efficient buildings increased it was clear this couldn’t be achieved solely using components and materials which relied on reduced conduction of energy through the structure. It’s now known that more energy is lost through air transfer via convection which has to be addressed using air tight construction techniques. This led us to investigate alternative solutions for the specifier and builder which can meet the requirements whilst also being environmentally friendly, bringing eco Insulate Ltd to where we are today.

As Scotland’s longest established and only Constructionline Approved open cell spray foam contractor, eco Insulate Ltd is proud to be linked to many organisations and programmes making a difference in the sustainable building community. We are regularly audited by our supplier to ensure material processing and installation practices meet their exacting standards and comply with independent accreditation.


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