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Do you specify CE marked products?

ecoadmin, February 13, 2015
CE Marking of Building products is a legal requirement under The Construction Products Regulations. The mark is a Declaration of Conformity and is often used in association with BBA accreditation. As long as a product is CE marked it’s not always necessary for products to hold a BBA assessment although this may be required in certain circumstances. This is of particular relevance when specifying spray Pu foam insulation products as the increasing demand for these in the UK has led to many new suppliers entering the market which may not always carry the required certification. As a specifier or property owner its important that you seek clarification from  contractors to ensure that products supplied meet this minimum legal requirement which refers to the material’s:
Performance in relation to fire,
Thermal performance,
Water permeability,
Water vapour permeability and
Release of dangerous substances in relation to the indoor environment.
As a  BASF FoamMaster approved contractor, we only use products manufactured and supplied by BASF which meet this criteria, so you can be confident in the quality and service provided.
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