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ecoadmin, September 26, 2014


Happy customers!

Happy customers!

Our continuous improvement policy is showing dividends as our Customer satisfaction levels increased during 2013.

Following our decision to  work with BASF as  our sole supplier and to extend our  foam product range it was important to ensure our  previous standards for 2012 were at the very least maintained. Analysis of our Customer and Client  feedback forms showed that we achieved a 99%  ‘Good or excellent’  rating in respect of Quality and 95% Good or excellent rating for  overall experience with our company during 2013.This proves that our decision to work with BASF, the World’s leading chemical company was  correct as we have been able to benefit from effective training programmes and the  regular monitoring of our processes and application techniques.

Comments received include:

2014 feedback forms will be checked early next year to ensure we have  maintained and ideally improved upon these figures so that we can continue to claim to be the best at what we do.

Utility company generates savings.

ecoadmin, September 8, 2014
Sprying rigs at Crewe WwTW

Spraying rigs at Crewe WwTW


Protection of services during the spraying process.








Following on from our recent success in gaining Nomenca Approved Contractor status, Eco Insulate Ltd have now completed a contract in excess of £155,000. This followed a detailed procurement process which included both the assessment of BASF products and our experience, skills and financial standing of eco Insulate Ltd as a nominated Foammaster approved contractor.

Time scales were critical and the project, which was carried out for one of the major utility companies, required close liaison with other services as the site  remained in operation throughout. High performance closed cell foam especially developed for external use was applied onto the concrete walls of the digesters and subsequently coated with a protective paint finish to provide a decorative and UV resistant surface.

The Digesters are large concrete structures which form part of the process of electrical power generation by Combined Heat and Power (CHP) engines running on biogas. The introduction of external insulation to the concrete walls will help maintain the optimum anaerobic conditions within the digesters, reducing the heat demand of the process. In turn this will minimise the need to use biogas powered boilers to generate heat which can then be preferentially used by the CHP engines to increase onsite electrical generation.

Waste water treatment processes generate gases  and the project involved working in a Potential Explosive Atmosphere Zone (PEAZ). This is where eco Insulate Ltd were seen to excel as we have the correct equipment and skills to work under these conditions. By using two spraying rigs complete with their own generators, compressors, proportioning machines and  are crucially fitted with earthing rods to prevent static build up, the equipment is completely self contained. Whilst this isn’t the largest project undertaken by Eco Insulate it builds on our previous experience of working in fully operational industrial sites as well as occupied premises of Housing Association clients.

We also took on additional personnel to help fulfil existing commitments and maintain programme times for other clients.

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